Systems Engineering NMS Engineer – NEW GRAD (DSE01–NG)

Job Description:

SpiderCloud Wireless is the innovator behind the breakthrough, scalable small cell system that enables mobile operators to deliver scalable and unprecedented coverage, capacity and cloud services to enterprises and venues. It’s an exciting time to join SpiderCloud Wireless.

The Systems Engineering and Advanced Technology team in SpiderCloud is responsible for software development of intelligent cellular/wireless LTE/5G network solutions. The team is growing and we are looking for a new member. Together with a highly multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists, strategic partners, product managers and subject domain experts, you will work on building solutions powered by big data, analytics and machine learning platforms. You will work on a best-in-class cloud computing platform, with cutting edge big data tools at your disposal while having access to experts in networking, engineering and data science. The ideal candidate will be reporting to the Systems Engineering Manager.


  • Develop carrier grade innovative networking products, and scalable data processing pipelines
  • Collaborate with other engineers, and scientists to find effective solutions to technical challenges
  • Work closely with engineers to build, test, deploy and troubleshoot machine learning/ algorithm based software
  • Overcome complexities of an evolving machine learning ecosystem – build our understanding on concepts like feature engineering and storage, real-time prediction, containerization and deployment of predictors, and the interplay of multiple predictive models.


  • PhD or MSc preferred, in computer science, statistics, or comparable statistically driven science field.
  • Good understanding of foundational statistics concepts and algorithms: linear/logistic regression, decision trees, neuron networks, deep learning, etc.
  • Excellent algorithmic problem solving skills, and the ability to implement solutions in Java, Python, and/or Scala, Go, etc.
  • Ability to access, manage, transfer, integrate, analyze complex datasets, and extracting insights using SQL, R, and Spark.
  • Familiarity with libraries such as Spark ML, Tensor Flow, Scikit-learn, Keras (or others such as MXNet, Torch, etc.).
  • Experience in building predictive models for recommendations, predictions, and classifications.
  • Experience with search or indexing is a plus.
  • Experience with graph database (e.g. TitanDB, Neo4j, etc.) is a plus.
  • Experience with deep learning and neural networks is a plus.


  • Experience with working on large data sets, especially with Hadoop and Spark.
  • Experience with distributed databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase etc.
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms such as AWS.
  • Experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau, D3.js.

Location: Milpitas, Ca

To apply for this position via email - please email your resume to: Please reference,  – “Systems Engineering NMS Engineer – NEW GRAD”. 

To apply for this position via regular mail – please mail your resume to: SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc., Attn: HR Dept., include “Systems Engineering NMS Engineer – NEW GRAD”, 475 Sycamore Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035.