SpiderCloud Wireless’s EASY-30 Program Gets Scalable Enterprise Small Cell Systems Deployed and Live in 30 Days

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30 Days to Live Deployment with Smartphone App that Simplifies & Speeds Identification & Verification

San Jose, California, February 4, 2014 – SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc., the leading provider of scalable small cell Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) systems, today announced the EASY-30 program, a ground-breaking initiative to help mobile operators and enterprise customers identify, verify, and deploy a scalable in-building small cell system in 30 days or less.  The EASY-30 smartphone application enables sales teams swiftly to identify customer requirements for in-building small cell systems and fulfill verification and approval between the operator and its enterprise customer.  The system can then be rapidly deployed over Ethernet and automatically configured via Self Organizing Networks (SON), all within 30 days of the first conversation between operator and enterprise.

“Today, mobility is a vital productivity enabler for businesses. After deploying many small cell systems with medium-sized and large enterprise customers, the feedback from the mobile operator’s operational team and enterprise IT is always the same: we expected this to take months, not days,” said Michael Finlayson, vice president of field systems engineering, SpiderCloud Wireless. “With our EASY-30 approach, we have removed 90 percent of the time and cost normally required to deploy a system of equal scale and capabilities.”

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EASY-30: Ethernet, Application, SON and Yes, in 30 days

Ethernet: The SpiderCloud Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) system makes use of an enterprise’s existing Ethernet infrastructure for connectivity and power. An E-RAN consists of the SpiderCloud Radio Node (SCRN) and the SpiderCloud Services Node (SCSN).  The SCSN provides central configuration, able to control over 100 self-organizing and multi-access 3G, Wi-Fi and LTE/4G small cells.  It also enables the operator to deliver managed mobility services to its enterprise customers over the top of the coverage and capacity system. The Radio Nodes connect to the Services Node, which securely connects to the mobile operator’s core network over enterprise-Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) and/or a Virtual LAN (VLAN). The system can be installed in just days.

App: The pre-sales application (iOS and Android) helps sales representatives by removing costly, complex and time-consuming steps in the decision-making process. The E-RAN Estimator calculates customer requirements taking into account the number of floors, floor area, number of employees or subscribers and access technology. The summary recommendation automatically generates a request to the mobile operator’s operational team with the estimated number of Radio Nodes and Services Nodes and insight to Erlangs, materials, dB losses and user density. Armed with the necessary details, the business operations team can swiftly initiate a project to build the E-RAN at the location or building.

SON: Self-organizing and self-optimizing features (SON) optimize the user experience as well as system management.  A network for 3,000 people can be set up in a matter of days by installers with Wi-Fi experience rather than macro cellular RF experts. SON technology generates a three-dimensional view across the campus where inter-cell and small-cell-to-macro network neighbor relations are automatically learned and managed, ensuring a best-access experience based on location, traffic and small cell/macro cellular signals. Soft hand-off ensures that voice calls are not dropped as people walk within a building. For macro cellular networks, mobile operators demand that the voice call set-up success rate (CSSR) be higher than 98 percent and voice call drop rate (CDR) be less than 0.8 percent. SpiderCloud E-RAN networks today show average voice call set-up success rates of 99.5 and an average call drop rate of less than 0.8 percent.

“Yes”: The most important part of the EASY-30 program is achieving mutual buy-in between the enterprise customer and the mobile operator. Enterprises today want coverage and capacity swiftly, and are willing to go to the operator who can best serve them. A mobile operator must involve the sales team in the identification and verification stages and make key operational improvements around training, business case verification, sales order process, transmission line delivery, RF engineering and field coordination.  A focus on smooth, speedy delivery of mobility solutions to win buy-in from the enterprise empowers operators to differentiate in a hotly-contested market.

Following four simple EASY steps, enterprise small cell opportunities can be identified, verified and deployed within 30 days to help customers take full advantage of the mobile network. See the EASY-30 infographic at www.spidercloud.com/easy.

SpiderCloud’s system is commercially proven in live deployments with Vodafone using the 3G E-RAN system. SpiderCloud offers a portfolio of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) small cells as part of the scalable E-RAN system with transmit power options of 100-to-250 mW:

  • SCRN-200: 3G Small Cell supporting 32 3G/HSPA+ channels
  • SCRN-300: 3G/Wi-Fi Small Cell supporting 32 3G/HSPA+ channels and dual-band Wi-Fi
  • SCRN-210: LTE Small Cell supporting 32 active users and 128 RRC_Connected users
  • SCRN-310: 3G & LTE Small Cell supporting 32 3G/HSPA+ channels, 32 active LTE users, and 128 RRC_Connected LTE Users

About SpiderCloud Wireless

SpiderCloud Wireless develops breakthrough, small cell network platforms that allow mobile operators to deliver unprecedented cellular coverage, capacity and smart applications to enterprises. SpiderCloud Wireless is based in San Jose, California and is backed by investors Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners, Opus Capital and Shasta Ventures. SpiderCloud Wireless is a registered trademark and SmartCloud a trademark of SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. © 2014 SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc. For more information visit www.spidercloud.com and follow the company on Twitter http://twitter.com/spidercloud_inc

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30 Days to Live Deployment with Smartphone App that Simplifies & Speeds Identification & Verification