Wireless Software Engineer (PW001)

The candidate will participate in the complete development cycle for various cellular wireless communication technologies, such as UMTS & LTE, with particular focus on the baseband (MAC & PHY layers). Responsibilities will include working as part of a team to translate specification text and feature requests into practical architectures and designs. The candidate will also participate in implementing the designs using best engineering practices, system integration, system testing and characterization of MAC and PHY functions.

The position may require the candidate to partition functionality across multiple cores and implement inter-processor and inter-board communications. The implementation will be split across SoCs, DSP cores, specialized hardware and embedded cores.  In addition, the candidate may be involved in evaluating third-party technologies and implementations and in figuring out their relative strengths & weaknesses.

The candidate will participate in system debugging and optimization by studying logs, KPIs and other field data. In addition, the candidate may be involved in working with field reps to understand customer requirements and concerns and to work with the other groups within SpiderCloud to identify root causes and optimal responses.


The ideal candidate is someone who has experience with at least one of the established cellular technologies. Ideally, the candidate should have experience of the complete product development cycle, comprising requirements analysis, specifications study, architecture, design, implementation, testing, integration, deployment and field support.


  • M.S. degree in CS/EE plus 2 years of industry experience.
  • 2 years of C and MATLAB development experience.
  • Understanding of the principles of communication theory and the practical implementations of communication systems.
  • Direct experience of the PHY/MAC implementation for at least one of the following cellular technologies: UMTS, CDMA, EVDO, LTE, WiMax.
  • Demonstrated competence in implementing signal processing algorithms in practical products/systems.


  • M.S. degree in CS/EE plus 4 years of industry experience, or Ph.D. in CS/EE.
  • Experiencing in constructing system models in MATLAB, performing simulations and interpreting results. 
  • Demonstrated competence with real-time OS (RTOS) kernels on embedded processor cores.
  • Experience writing software interfaces for hardware accelerators.
  • Familiarity with baseband-radio interfaces, including GPIO and SPI interfaces.
  • Experience in firmware development using an assembly language.

To apply for this position, please email your resume to: careers@spidercloud.com and include the req number (PW001).